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Deposits are not refundable.  We require a 2 week notice to change an appointment date without losing the deposit.  We do not tattoo minors under any circumstances.  Manual alterations to appointments will be charged an addition $30.  So pick the artist you want and the time and date that will work for you.

Take your time when booking.  Fill out all fields.  Answer all questions specifically.  Instead of typing arm, say left inside forearm.  It makes a huge difference in design. If you want a specific artist click on the ALL STAFF bar and choose the correct artist so you can see their specific schedule.  If you leave it on all staff you will get whatever artist is available. Only book a date and time that you will make it and pay for.  We are a small shop and are both tattooing full time and cannot manually adjust appointments.  This has become an issue lately and its not fair to my clients in the chair, my family, or myself.  We are doing our best to get everyone in the shop. So please take your time when booking.