2022 News and Updates:

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Message from Andrew:

     First of all thank you to all our clients for a great 2021!  You all kept us incredibly busy the whole year.  It is amazing to be able to do this as a job.  So many great and challenging projects and so many happy clients.  I am very grateful for the love and support.  We are very happy to announce that we are doing piercings now.  No appointment necessary for piercings, just walk in.

     Secondly, I am raising my hourly rate starting February 1st to $150 per hour for appointments and $180 for walk-ins.  There's a few reasons for this.  1) I try to use the best equipment and supplies and they get better, faster, and more expensive every year.  2) Most artists in Kansas City have been charging at least $150 per hour for a while.  3) I work too much!  I have a young family and need to spend more time with them.  I miss my kids!  I appreciate success on the business side of my life but its time to change up the way I work.

      So from now on, its $150 per hour with a 4 hour minimum on appointments.  I will try to reserve a certain day every week for walk-ins at $180 per hour.  My guy Jacob Long will stay at $120 per hour for appointments and handle all the smaller tattoos.  I am only doing larger scale work.

     Thank you for the support and your understanding.  I wish you all success in finding your personal balance and happiness.     -Andrew.

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Clean, Professional, Modern Tattooing.

We are still taking Covid-19 precautions.  We would like to first of all thank our clients for their patience and understanding during this worldwide pandemic.  Our first priority is always your health and safety.  It is important to note that even though we are allowed to open Covid-19 is not over.  With that said we will be taking extra precautions for the safety of our clients and families.

Clients must disinfect with hand sanitizer and wash their hands when coming into the shop.  All clients must wear an approved mask.  If you do not have one we can provide you with one.  All clients and any person that enters the shop must sign a sheet with the time they entered and exited the building.  All artists are fully vaccinated and will be taking extra precautions including regular cleanup, disinfectant, and PPE.  These are the rules we have to follow in order to do business and we are happy to do our small part to stop this virus's spread.